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Ephesians 5:15-16 – Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Christianity In Educational Contexts

Praying for your Children in School
Keeping a child’s focus on God while they are learning helps the child understand the fundamental idea that, as Augustine taught, “all truth is God’s truth” (Confessions). While a child is learning in school, parents can pray for the child’s daily schedule and tasks, the adults teaching the child, and their child’s safety. To hear more in detail what you can be praying for read W. David O. Taylor’s article. To access this article, click here.
Homeschooling to Develop a Biblical Foundation
Educating children academically and in the Christian faith are both key to a child’s learning and spiritual formation. Some parents do this in a Christian school, some in a public school, and some choose homeschooling. If you have ever had questions about homeschooling and how it can be beneficial for the child, Anne Crossman answers questions parents have about homeschooling. To read, click here.

Critically thinking through media

Equipping Kids to Live Well with Social Media
Raising children in a media influenced world requires the careful attention of parents and leaders. This attention does not necessarily require more rules, rather providing children with direction as they learn to interact well with media. Parenting for Faith provides an excellent article that helps parents equip their children to navigate media through a Biblical lens. Equipping children with a Christian worldview is crucial for their spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social health. To read, click here.
Media Discernment for Teens
Philippians 4:8 instructs the reader, “if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” In a media filled generation, it can be a challenge to practice Christian critical thinking skills. In his article, Mark Gregston from Parenting Today’s Teens, writes how parents can creatively interact with their teens apart from media. He concludes by giving advice on how to teach children discernment starting in thehome, so that when they engage with the culture, they are prepared. To read, click here.

Current Events

Braving the News
How do Christian families interact with the news? Many families are asking this question as they feel the tension of teaching their children to interact with world events and to hold on to hope in Christ. Marvin Olasky writes an informative article that addresses this tension. To access, click here.

Facing Current Issues
Interacting with world events in a child-friendly way is difficult. Christian families can lead their children to consider events from different perspectives. Jackson Greer addresses one way a family can interact with the critical race theory in conjunction with a Christian worldview. To read, click here.

Parental Guidance

Intentional Conversations
Children and teenagers can be introduced to various kinds of literature, some which challenge a Christian worldview. In response, parents should intentionally guide their children and teach them to view literature from a Biblical perspective. Jackson Greer from Focus on the Family writes on how to effectively and lovingly guide your children through dark themes in literature. To read click here.

Equipping Children
“Courageous Parenting” is a weekly podcast. It encourages and equips parents to raise confident children, with a firm identity in Jesus Christ. To listen click here.

Addressing Money

Biblical View of Money
There are more than 2,000 verses which address money and how we are to handle financial matters. As parents, what are some biblical principles about money that we can pass on to our children? After breaking down what the Bible has to say about this topic, Jesse Wisnewski lists nine biblical principles about money & possessions. To read, click.

Strategies to Teach Children about Money
After learning biblical principles in money management, the next step is to apply them in good and godly ways. Taylor Johnson shares strategies that have been effective in her home. To access, click here.