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Welcome to our MBI Children and Family Ministry Newsletter! We seek to support Children and Family Ministry by providing free or inexpensive resources that inspire and educate faith in Jesus.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness” Lamentations 3:22-23

For Fathers

Fathers Impact Child Development
Fathers have a big role to play in the many learning experiences that children enjoy as they grow through the years. Read this article from Focus on the Family to find out what children need from their fathers at each stage of their development. Also, don’t miss the free Parenting Assessment at the end of the page!You can access this resource here.
Hey, Dads: Read the Bible, Change Your Life
How important is it for fathers to ensure their walk with God is grounded and growing in God’s word? Obviously, its crucial. Reading the Bible is necessary for every Christian, but for Dads, as the spiritual head of the home, it carries a particular importance. Here is a devotional from Focus on the Family unpacking the significance of consistent, personal Bible study for fathers. Click to read here.

For Mothers

10 Ways to Get More Scripture in Your Day
Moms with their busy schedules often find it difficult to find time to be in God’s Word consistently. Between figuring out their children’s schedules and academic needs, working both within and outside of the home, and serving God in the church and community, Moms have many demands on their time. This article provides a list of ways that Moms can integrate scripture into their day. Access them here.
The Long Prayer of Motherhood
Have you ever felt overwhelmed with parenting responsibilities? Are you uncertain of how to better lead your children closer to the Lord? Raising children is no easy task, but Scripture offers encouragement. This devotional focuses on the wisdom that God freely gives to those who ask Him. How wonderful is it to trust in a God who already knows the outcome of every situation! Access this devotional here.

For Marriages

EDGE Ministries
Love has to be nurtured and fed by intimacy. Emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy is necessary for the healthand growth of yournmarriage. EDGE Ministries provides several ways to grow intimacy within your marriage and they are available everywhere over Zoom. Read more about their mission and how to connect with EDGE here.

Ten Steps to Restore Your Marriage
The past months have brought trying times on many marriages. If your relationship with your spouse is feeling broken, these ten steps will help you begin to restore your marital relationship. Access them here.

Resting Well

Find Rest in the Stress
As parents, it’s easy to neglect the importance of rest and how beneficial it can be to the family unit as a whole. This article provides tips for finding rest in every season of parenting and encourages parents to recharge so they can better serve their families. Find more here.

What does God say about Rest?
In a culture that praises busyness, it can be easy to forget what Scripture says about rest. Bonnie Gray writes about a Biblical perspective of rest and why it is something we should value and prioritize. Find out more about God’s gracious gift of rest here.

Family Time

9 Family Fun Night Ideas
Having a family fun night is a great opportunity for parents to deepen their connections with their children and each other. This article encourages parents by giving some tips and ideas for their family fun night. Find out more about this resource here.

4 Ways Children Are a Gift from God
Reconfirming and remembering the value of your children and how God values them can be a great encouragement for parents who are overwhelmed from parenting. Using Scripture, Amanda Idleman reminds us that our children are a gift from the Lord. Find out more here.