Children’s Spiritual Formation


As the Children and Family Ministry Major, we want to extend a warm welcome to you! These resources are gathered for God’s glory and your benefit! In this newsletter, our aim is to equip you in facilitating the spiritual formation of your children and students. We hope that you all are blessed, encouraged, and challenged by these resources and that you and your children would know God more through His word, theology (the study of God), literature, music, and memorization!

Children’s Bibles

How to Read the Bible
Reading the Bible to children at an early age can help them gain an understanding of the main theme of the Bible and the Gospel, which will help shape their worldview. There are, however, many questions about how to get started and help children enjoy reading the Word of God. Bret Eckelberry from Focus on the Family shows how to train children to not just read the words in the Bible, but to process, internalize, and put them into practice by following the four-step R.E.A.D. process (Read, Engage, Apply, and Discuss). To access, click here.

Read Aloud Bible Stories
With colorful pictures and simple language, this classic children’s story Bible is the perfect place for little ones to start. The wonderful thing about this book is that God is the focus of the narratives and not the people. Ella K. Lindvall has the ability to simplify complicated Bible concepts while remaining faithful to the original text. The illustrations by H. Kent Puckett are simple and appealing. To access the book on Amazon, click here.

NIV Adventure Bible
For children who are ready to read the full Bible, this NIV Adventure Bible is a wonderful resource. The easy-to-read text makes the Bible accessible to children, and the fullcolor design keeps them engaged and enhances their Bible experience. To access the book on Amazon, click here.

Theology for Children

The Ology
Written by Marty Machowski, The Ology is a book written for children so that they can understand timeless truths of theology for themselves. It is beautifully illustrated and easy for young minds to understand. It covers topics such as the Trinity, Jesus being completely human and completely God, sin, Jesus’ resurrection, the Church, the Holy Spirit, among others. It is geared towards children aged six years old through pre-teens. To access the book click here.

The New City Catechism
Written by the Gospel Coalition, The New City Catechism, a book which contains 52 questions and answers, is written for the whole family to enjoy. But what is a catechism? The New City Catechism website says that, “Throughout the history of the church, Christians have used catechisms—collections of questions and answers designed for memorization and recitation—to teach others the core doctrines of the faith. The New City Catechism is a modernday resource aimed at reintroducing this ancient method of teaching to Christians today.” The website and the book can be accessed here. The Gospel Coalition has also written a curriculum for children ages 8-11. The curriculum contains a leader’s guide, detailed lesson plans, suggested prayers, activities, and more. To access the curriculum, click here.




Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Children’s Literature 

Finding Literature for Children
Children’s literature can be used to further the teaching of Bible lessons in a way that reason alone can’t connect with a child. Literature can be useful for teaching in both the home and the church. Sheila Seifert, writer from, gives three areas to determine if a book is right for your child: challenges found in the book, the worldview of the author, and the reviews written about the book. In addition to this, she recommends book titles for children in different age groups. To access, click here.

Books to Read with Your Children
When God Made You by Matthew Turner is a book geared towards teaching children about God’s purpose and intentionality in creating them. The book furthers the message of Psalm 139:13 which says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (NIV). To access on Amazon, click here. A book geared towards older Elementary aged children, The Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Helen Taylor is an imaginative version of John Bunyan’s classic. The book takes children through the journey of the Christian life. It furthers the message of 2 Timothy 2:15 which says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (NIV). To access on Amazon, click here.

Bible Memory and Games

Seeds Family Worship
Having the Word of God hidden in our hearts is of such great importance and what greater way to help children learn His Word than through music and song? Seeds Family Worship is a ministry on mission to see God’s Word, the Bible, planted in as many homes and hearts as possible around the world. By listening to their music here, your children will have the opportunity to enjoy internalizing God’s word in their hearts as they sing these songs.

Bible Memory
Kim Sorgius, with her MA in education and curriculum design, writes that memorizing Scripture helps us to know God more and it helps us to follow His commands as we resist temptation. As you teach your children to hide God’s Word in their hearts, these 14 easy memory games will aid their learning as they internalize the Scripture they have been taught. To access, click here.

Bible Games and Activities
Sarah Ann, an author of Proverbs 31 Mentor, writes that “By incorporating hands-on and engaging activities into your child’s study time, they’ll find that learning Scripture and Bible principles can be fun.” Following this, she provides a list of Bible games that you and your children can choose from that will help them to remember what they are learning in Scripture! Click here for access to these games and activities.