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Welcome to our MBI Children and Family Ministry Quarantine Newsletter! We seek to support Children and Family Ministry by providing free or inexpensive resources that inspire and educate faith in Jesus.

“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read,” ‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” Matthew 21:16

Books, Curriculum, etc.

Quarantine Bingo
Quarantine Bingo provides unique activities for children and families to make the most of their time at home. Families are challenged to see how many activities they can fulfill in each box until they complete the Bingo sheet. This resource includes activities like drawing encouraging notes on the sidewalk, reading your favorite Bible story, dancing to worship songs, or even practicing kids stretching. You will also find a blank Quarantine Bingo template to customize activities for your specific church or family. Look for this resource here.

Free Bible lessons About Growing
This free resource provides five Bible lessons to help children grow in their faith during this time. Each lesson includes Scripture, a lesson aim, and connecting activities that comply with stay-athome orders. Families can use common household materials to study passages that explain how to bear spiritual fruit (John 15:16) or how to hear and obey God’s Word by being planted in good soil (Luke 8:15). For more information about this resource, visit here.


The Master Designer
This film discusses how our physical world allows us to have a glimpse into the work of a Master Designer. The intricate and intentional design of the Earth helps remind children and families that God is the Creator of all. Find out how animals like bees, bison, and wolves can reveal a story of purpose and meaning when you click here.
Changing Your Zoom Background
Did you know you can change your background on Zoom? This article helps you find new ways to engage your children by adding images to your virtual background while teaching through Zoom. Use images to teach from Jerusalem, incorporate a keyword or theme, or add characters from the stories you tell. Find more tips and directions for zoom activities here.

Early Childhood

Creation Bible Story for Preschoolers Activity Pack
This blog includes 16 free printables you can use to teach your preschooler about Creation. These pages will let your child engage with the story through activities like connecting dots, coloring, and writing numbers. To find out more from this resource visit here.

7 Ways To Teach Your Toddler About Jesus
This article provides ideas for how to talk about Jesus with your toddler in a way they can understand. Included in this resource are everyday activities that allow you to use playtime as a way to share the Good News with your child. You can find this resource here.


The Light of Hope for a Girl in East Asia
Read about the story of a Myanmar girl named Phyo who struggled with hope, but was able to find Joy and contentment in Jesus. This amazing testimony inspires readers pray that people around the world would believe in the Gospel. Click this link here.

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus
John Piper encourages parents around the world to teach their children that God is stronger and greater than the Coronavirus in this article. Families will be reminded to trust God knowing He uses everything for His own perfect plan. Find out more here.

Arts & Crafts

God with Us: Crumpled Paper Paintings by Flame
This craft is a simple but meaningful way to explain the presence of God with your children. Use this time to talk about their relationship with God as well as pray for courage during this uncertain time. You can find this craft here.

7 Days of Creation Craft by Godly Ladies
This paper plate craft is a visual of the 7 days of creation. It is a great learning activity to help children remember the order of the days that God created the universe as found in Genesis 1:1- Genesis 2:3. You can find this fun activity here.