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Welcome to our MBI Children and Family Ministry Quarantine Newsletter!

We seek to support Children and Family Ministry by providing free or inexpensive resources that inspire and educate faith in Jesus.

“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read,” ‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” Matthew 21:16

Books, Curriculum, etc.

Deeper Kidmin Summer Fun Pack
This free resource includes a month’s worth of take-home ideas children’s ministry leaders can prepare for their families. Each week includes a devotional, outdoor activity, craft project, and fun reading materials. It also includes a variety of ways you can reuse your extra supplies to stay connected with your families this summer. Find out how you can create take-home boxes that help your families to enjoy studying the Bible together when you visit here.
To The Pastors Who Are About To Be Preaching With Kids In The Room
As churches are starting services that include the whole family, they may have difficulties keeping all ages engaged. This article seeks to share new perspectives and teaching style tips with ministry leaders so they can include both children and parents at the same time during service. From the time length to the song choice, there are many ways to look at how pastors can include children in their service. For more information, visit here.


Bible App For Kids
This kid-friendly app helps children experience the stories of the Bible in a special way. Through vividly illustrated storybooks, interactive games, and touch-activated animations, your children will be able to have fun while they study God’s Word. Download this free app today when you visit here.
6 Tips for Avoiding Zoom Fatigue in the Age of COVID-19
While technology has been a great tool during a time of social distancing, it has also created fatigue when used too often. This article helps children and families know why they feel fatigued from constant Zoom meetings and how they combat it. Whether it is choosing to do a phone call over a video chat or just taking a break to look around the room, there are many ways we can learn to rest our eyes from screens. Find out more about this resource when you visit here.


Children & Family Ministry After COVID-19
This resource includes a video panel of children and family ministry leaders who discuss what ministry looks like as churches begin to reopen. Find out how you can prepare for reopening, train volunteers post COVID-19, address separation anxiety, and more when you visit here.

Post-Quarantine Survey
This form was created to help children’s ministries connect with their families as they prepare to reopen. Use this resource to ask families questions about their greatest challenges in quarantine, church connection strategies, and what they hope the church can do to make them feel at ease as they reopen. Find out more here.


Short Story From a Missionary Kid
Amanda Telman grew up as a missionary kid in Uganda with her family. As she shares her testimony in this short story, children and families can be reminded that God is faithful in every trial and circumstance for the purpose of His own glory. Read more about Amanda’s story here.

God at the Controls
This five-part series tells the true story of missionaries, Tim and Bunny as they serve with Puinave people in Colombia. Read this story with your children as you discover how this missionary family learned God was truly in control of the task He called them to. Find out more here.

Arts & Crafts

How to Make Prayer Jars
Help your children understand the meaning of prayer by creating their own prayer jars. This resource helps kids know what to pray for, why we pray, and what the Bible says about prayer. Find out how to use paint, fabric, or stickers to create your own unique prayer jar when you visit here.

Sowing The Seeds of God’s Love
Encourage your kids to share the Gospel and remind someone of God’s love by creating a “seeds of love” packet inspired by the Parable of The Sower in Matthew 13. Find out how this craft allows kids to give a few seeds of hope to their neighbors and friends when you visit here.