Thankful Families Edition


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“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” Ephesians 5:20

Christ-centered celebration

Scripture and Thankfulness
Whether an adult or child, the holidays bring a special charm. At the same time, the season can be overwhelming with extended family to see, events to attend, and food to make, It is important for families to take moments to pause in the busyness and discuss the significance of the celebration. One way to encourage these moments of reflection is through the use of Scripture’s teaching. Melissa Kruger writes about three questions of thankfulness. This article can help families understand the importance of thankfulness in a thought-provoking way. To access the article, click here.

Family Holiday Activities
In the Thanksgiving season, there are more opportunities for families to be together. Guided activities assist in bringing meaning to the time spent as a family. Bobbie Brower gives some advice and practical ideas for the family nights within the holiday season. He writes to help families not only interact with the holiday, but also with one another and with Scripture. This article is helpful to the family coordinator who is seeking to provide greater depth to their family time. Access these practical ideas by clicking here.

Come to the table

Christian Feasting
In the season of thanksgiving; many families come and enjoy a meal together. In David Mathis’ article, The Lost Art of Feasting, he states, “When every meal is a pathway to indulgence, not only is fasting lost, but true feasting is as well.” The article clearly explains what the true meaning of biblical feasting means, David Mathis gives four practical ways to make feasting holy during Thanksgiving. To read more, click here.
Focus on God, Not Food
Thanksgiving is so much more than just what we eat or what happens in football. In Jolene Philo’s article, Small Things are Worthy of Great Gratitude, she explains how we are to be grateful for what God has given us. Jolene expresses her thankfulness by creating a list of what she is thankful for every year. Reading the article can help and encourage families focus on God during this time of celebration. To read the article, click here.

Cheerful Celebration

Games, Crafts and Snacks
Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to rejoice and celebrate the goodness of God with a thankful heart. Ministry Parks, a ministry for people serving on the front lines of the local Church, provides activities that help children to express gratitude while playing games, eating yummy snacks and having fun. To read, click here.

Thanksgiving Family Activities
Sharon Ely Pearson encourages families to celebrate through unique family uniting activities, such as acting out Bible stories, creating a blessing basket and making a tree of thanks. To read this article,click here.

Giving thanks

History and Purpose in the Holiday
Has your family ever wondered why people observe this holiday called “Thanksgiving?” In Karl Dahlfred’s article, he gives a summary of the holiday’s history and reasons for why Americans celebrate it. In addition to this, he reminds Christians that giving thanks to God is for all people and at all times. To read, click here.

Teaching Thanksgiving
1 Thess. 5:21 instructs us to “give thanks in all circumstances.” Though this holiday presents great opportunities to give thanks, it is also good to practice giving God thanks at all times! Focus on the Family gives creative ways to help children practice thankfulness. To read, click here.

Be thankful in the midst of conflicts

Biblical Perspective on Family Conflicts
For many people, a family reunion like Thanksgiving can be challenging when extended families get together. Perhaps you have unresolved conflicts with a family member, or maybe there’s a relative you simply don’t get along with. Do you ever wonder what is God’s perspective on familyconflict? provides an article on this matter. To access, click here.

Handling Conflicts
How can we minimize battles and promote peace at family gatherings when tensions run high? In Ben Mandrell’s article, he offers three tips for defusing conflicts and nurturing peace during the holidays. To read, click here.