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Welcome to our MBI Children and Family Ministry Quarantine Newsletter!

We seek to support Children and Family Ministry by providing free or inexpensive resources that inspire and educate faith in Jesus.

“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read,” ‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” Matthew 21:166

Books, Curriculum, etc.

Traditioned Innovation: The Future of Children’s Ministry
Children and Family Ministry is changing and adapting during this time and can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. This interview with two children’s ministry leaders helps readers to navigate our actively changing culture to best reach the next generation of the Church. Included in this resource are tips for common struggles leaders face, ways children’s ministries can remain viable during change, and personal examples of growth in ministry. For more information, visit here.
100 Things to do When Quarantined With Kids
This article provides Christian families with 100 activities that encourage them to give thanks to God during all circumstances and enjoy quality time together. Seize the day and choose from one of these easy-to-do ideas to make the most of your time during this pandemic. Find prayer schedules, outdoor activities, crafts, cooking recipes, and tips for ways children can help out around the house. Discover more about this resource here.


Keeping Current
As a parent, it can be hard to find the time to keep up with the growing media that influences children today. Keeping Current follows the latest media trends and provides Christian parents with a quick overview and response for whether they are appropriate for your child. Find reviews on influencing music, apps, books, movies, and more when you visit here.
WinShape Worship Songs
WinShape is a Christian camp organization that seeks for children to know and grow with Christ. One resource they created is a YouTube channel that includes dozens of upbeat worship songs with guided dance motions to keep your child moving this summer. Discover songs like this that remind kids to look to God when it feels like the world is shaking around them. Discover more videos like this when you visit here.

Early Childhood

4 truths to teach your toddler about God
Learn how you can help teach your toddlers that God is our loving Creator through these 4 biblical reminders. This resource provides daily activities and routines that help your children know God loves them, made them, and created the whole world! Find out more when you visit here.

The Church Is People
This Sunday School lesson teaches preschoolers that the Church is not it’s building, but it’s people. Although this important lesson was created for a group of preschoolers, parents can easily adapt activities and crafts so that the whole family can participate at home. Find this resource here.

Memorial Day

What should kids know about Memorial Day?
This article allows Christian parents to understand why it is important to teach their children how and why we celebrate Memorial Day. Learn how you can start conversations about freedom, honor, and prayer with your children when you visit here.

Operation Gratitude
People of all ages can let deployed troops, veterans, and wounded heroes know their gratitude by sending them cards through the organization, Operation Gratitude. Send individual or bundles of letters any week of the year to support our American troops. Include hand-drawn pictures, fun stories, or a simple “Thank you” when sending your cards. Find out more here.

Arts & Crafts

How to Make Prayer Jars
Help your children understand the meaning of prayer by creating their own prayer jars. This resource helps kids know what to pray for, why we pray, and what the Bible says about prayer. Find out how to use paint, fabric, or stickers to create your own unique prayer jar when you visit here.

Sowing The Seeds of God’s Love
Encourage your kids to share the Gospel and remind someone of God’s love by creating a “seeds of love” packet inspired by the Parable of The Sower in Matthew 13. Find out how this craft allows kids to give a few seeds of hope to their neighbors and friends when you visit here.